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The Project: Cattle Krush

A multi-platform tool for navigating the cattle futures market.

The Problem

Every year farmers across America lose hundreds of thousands of dollars selling their head. Keeping track of each individual head’s feed, weight, age, and health is an overwhelming task to do be hand. On top of this, the Chicago Board of Trade only provides room for profit a few hours each week.

The Solution

Cattle Krush allows farmers to track every aspect of each individual head’s health. It automatically calculates useful figures such as the cost of feeding head to a certain weight, or how long it will take for a head to reach its target weight. It also offers live notifications to the farmer when their head can be sold for a profit on the Chicago Board of Trade.


With Cattle Krush, farmers are finally able to effectively track their cattle’s growth, and consistantly sell them for a profit on the open market. Cattle Krush is the future of livestock management.

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Semester 1 Pesentation - 12/07/2016

Semester 2 Pesentation - 04/28/2017

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Mitchell Borman

Taylor Dugger

Raymond Kinsella

Joseph McGovern

Tyler Stapler

Austin Yurchik

Our team consists of six Iowa State University students. We are all enrolled in our final year at ISU, and are working together over the next couple months to complete our senior project in tandem with the wonderful startup Performance Livestock Analytics

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